As you probably know, here at CityBright we’re really interested in how millennials and Gen Z in South Carolina think — especially when it comes to politics and the issues. In the midst of one of the “most consequential elections of our lifetime,” we wanted to see where young people…

The process ain’t always pretty, but it sure has beauty.

My team, Amelia & Lyric, encouraged me to write a post about the past approximately 18 months of my life. …

Engaged 2020

Not a ring (side eye), but ringing in the new year with plans to be more politically engaged in a major election year is something to be excited about.

Happy New Year, folks! It’s that time of year again: we’re diving into how we can collectively become more civically and…

Getting involved in your local government is simpler than you think — and more impactful than you probably realize.

2019 is here, and with every new year come opportunities and even incentives to form new habits and do new things.

And while most of us have “get your butt to…

The Office of the Mayor has partnered with PalmettoChain, a project for the development of an enterprise level blockchain platform for South Carolinians, in the development of the Columbia Youth Commission.

As an aside, I am counted as one of the founding contributors to the PalmettoChain project (you can find it at Eeek! How cool is that?!

Stay tuned for more information regarding the Columbia Youth Commission and its blockchain technology-powered election.

Screen shot from the PalmettoChain website

I recently wrote a post for start-up Tradeversity (check them out!) called “5 tips for growing and leveraging your network.” I’ve had numerous people ask me if I had advice for them (disclaimer: ya girl is no expert) when it comes to networking and attending networking events.

See a few…

Lauren Harper

CEO of CityBright, LLC. | South Carolinian Politico + Public Servant

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